Types Of Underwear Men Should Buy For Indian Weather

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Types Of Underwear Men Should Buy For Indian Weather

How you dress matters the most, but so does what you wear inside. Are you one of those people who like to feel good from within, beneath their fashionable clothes? We are here to help you with finding the right underwear for men. So you must be wondering, what types of underwear must one wear for Indian weather?

India has a wide range of weather conditions across a vast geographic scale but one thing that is common is humidity. Wearing the wrong type of underwear sometimes makes you uneasy and might cause irritation and rashes in your private area. When the weather is humid you tend to sweat inside and if your underwear is not airy enough, you feel uncomfortable. There are a few things that should be kept in mind while buying the right underwear, like the type of underwear according to your body structure, the fabric, the right size and of course the right brand.

4 Types Of Underwear For Indian Men :

1. Airy Boxers :

Boxers can give more breathability than the other four types of underwear for men. Although it doesn’t fit as well as the others, they are very comfortable for Indian weather. There are different types of boxers available in the market but the majority of them offer an exit route to the user called fly. They are easy to wear and easy to remove and made with a very lightweight fabric, that is skin-friendly. Boxers are perfect for everyday use, even for going out and especially for sports.

  • Relaxed Fit: These are normally slightly baggy and allow you to move your leg movement freely. You can wear them with loose trousers, pajamas or shorts.
  • Slim Fit: Slim fit ones are a bit slimmer fit and give you the option to wear with slim-fit jeans/pants, tailored trousers, and shorts.

2. Most Common Briefs :

These are the standard pair of underwear that you can wear in any weather condition, especially in India. Most men usually have a pair of briefs. And they are comfortable to be worn with all ensembles and give much support. They cover your backside but leave your upper thigh and side of the leg exposed making them comfortable to wear under anything. A well-made brief can even provide a little lift apart from being a comfortable type of underwear for men. Additionally, briefs come with a variety of styles, colors, and prints.

  • Low Rise Briefs: Low rise briefs are made to be worn with low waist jeans, shorts or workout pants, just to cover your private parts properly. They sit just below your natural waistline.
  • Mid Rise Briefs: Mid-rise briefs sit just on the natural waistline. You can wear them with regular jeans or trousers for any occasion.
  • High Rise Briefs: high rise briefs sit just below the navel and are perfect to hide your love handles. They give you a more traditional fit with a smooth stomach fit to look slimmer. You can wear them along with high waist pants.

3. Boxer Briefs – The Combination Of Boxer And Brief :

They are the perfect combination of two different types of underwear that men can’t compromise, a boxer and a brief. Also, they give the perfect combination of the right amount of support with an ease of comfort. Boxer briefs are perfect for any Indian body type. Traditionally, this underwear reaches halfway down your thighs and features an average rise on the waist. 

4. Favorite Trunks :

Trunks are quickly becoming a favorite type for underwear among all Indian men. Well, this type of underwear resembles boxer briefs but there’s a difference. Trunks are a hybrid of a brief and boxer brief(legs are shorter than a regular boxer brief) that have a square cut appearance.

Different Types Of underwear For Different Types of Indian Body Type : 

Before we get any further, we would like to ask you “What is your body type?” If you know the answer then it would be easier to pick the right type of underwear for you. If you don’t then first, you should find your body type. Here, we will be talking about 5 Indian body types and what type of underwear you should wear.

1. Apple-Shaped Body Type :

  • What Should They Avoid: Men with apple body shape should avoid tight leg underwear. Waistbands should not be very tight which may create a muffin top appearance and leave nasty marks on the skin.
  • What Should They Opt For: Something loose and comfortable is always recommended. Running shorts, boxers or long boxer briefs are the best ones to opt for this body type. And always check your size before you buy underwear. Go for one size bigger in order to get better comfort.

2. Pear-Shaped Body Type :

  • What Should They Avoid: It’s recommended not to wear anything tight fit. Due to having heavy thighs if you wear tight underwear, the leg bands tend to ride up and gather a bunch of fabric on the abdomen area. This made look your bottom heavier and cause discomfort inside.
  • What Should They Opt For: So for this body type, we suggest wearing something that has extended coverage and doesn’t ride up and moreover gives your legs a smooth fit. The best types of underwear you can opt for are shape trunk and long leg boxers.

3. Skinny Body Type :

  • What Should They Avoid: You should avoid wearing underwear that is too bulky or too slim. Also, be cautious about the size. Due to not having a defined waistline, a bigger size would give unnecessary bagginess and a slimmer size would throw a spotlight on your thin legs.
  • What Should They Opt For: Whatever you wear, make sure that it gives a fuller appearance to your legs. You can opt for brief boxers or trunks to give the illusion to look fuller.

4.Tall Body Type :

  • What Should They Avoid: Well, men with this body type face many problems while picking the right underwear for themselves. Anything in average size looks smaller on them. Due to having a comparatively longer crotch wrong size sometimes reveals their butts. So avoid low rises style.
  • What Should They Opt For: With the number of problems that tall body types should avoid, the number of suggestions is also there. You can opt for sports trunk that provides a lot of coverage. Frankly, men with tall body type can opt for any type of underwear. Just mind the low rise types.

5. Short Body type :

  • What Should They Avoid: The main problem that the men with this body typeface are the right size would appear big on them. Sometimes the normal coverage of the underwear would leave the fabric hanging from both at the front and back. Also, the waistband might rises above the normal level due to having a short crotch.
  • What Should They Opt For: Short rises underwear styles are the best options you can opt for. Although, if you are comfortable you can go for high rises styles also. The best underwear for these body types is briefs and trunks. Some people might suggest jockstraps or bikinis for this body type but we think it’s a personal choice. If you are comfortable, go for it.

Best Underwear Fabrics For Indian Climate :

Typically men are least concerned about this. Most of the men don’t even think about it. But if you are a grown man and stay on your own you should be able to differentiate a good or bad pair of underwear by just feeling their fabrics. Let’s find out what are the best fabrics for underwear for Indian men.

  • Cotton: One of the most common and widely used fabric to make underwear. It’s natural, breathable, absorbent to keep your private area safe and healthy. However, experts advise not to wear cotton underwear while working out doing any kind of sports activity. Due to its absorbent property, your underwear gets soaked with your sweat and causes discomfort.
  • Polyester: Polyester offers more support as compared to cotton. It is perfect for those who like to wear skinny jeans because it is half as thin as cotton and stays very close to your body. This has less absorbent property than cotton so it might cause some discomfort who sweats a lot.
  • Nylon: This is a great alternative for gym-goers, athletes and for any sportsperson. Due to its complex microfibre structure, it keeps you cool all the time. It has a smooth feel which is skin-friendly and doesn’t cause any kind of irritation.
  • Modal: When we talk about the softness of the fabric, nothing beats modal. It offers less support than cotton but feels great for everyday use. However, we would not recommend you to wear it while working out. You can wear them under your jeans, trousers, shorts and almost anything.
  • Silk: Probably the most elegant fabric among all. It has a nice, smooth feel and perfect for every skin type. Although, it doesn’t provide much support but perfect to wear for any occasions. It has some colling property that gives you comfort in summer days. But it’s not something you would want to wear it every day.